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  Our Company 我們的公司  

BioScan Ltd. is highly engaged and experienced in distribution, sales and marketing of innovative self-testing medical devices in Hong Kong and Macau.

伯盛科技有限公司BioScan Ltd. 積極並富經驗地致力於高科技自我監測醫療產品在香港及澳門的分銷、銷售及市場策略推廣。

  Our Story 我們的故事  

BioScan Ltd. was founded by Mr Henry Yam who graduated with a BSc degree at the University of Adelaide in South Australia and is also a registered Medical Technologist in Hong Kong. Having more than 20 years of biotechnology and medical devices work experience Henry still insists his dream and now studying MSc in Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism at the Chinese University of Hong Kong hoping to contribute his knowledge back to the community.


In 2004 Henry first met with a company called i-SENS in Korea, a leading company through its patented biosensor and electrochemistry technology continues to develop series of innovative medical products. BioScan and i-SENS finally reached an agreement that BioScan became the exclusive distributor of i-SENS and started to promote its flagship product ‘CareSens’ Blood Glucose Monitoring System in Hong Kong and Macau. A successful journey of ‘CareSens’ in HK begins.

In 2005-2008 CareSens was awarded as contract item of Hong Kong Hospital Authority to supply its blood glucose meter and test strips to all government hospitals. And even now CareSens is still the main contract item of blood glucose monitoring system supplying to both the Central Hospital and Kiang Wu Hospital in Macau. Eventually CareSens became more familiarized by the public when it was listed in all the top pharmacy chain stores such as Mannings, Watsons and HealthPlus in HK. Through BioScan’s local distribution network, CareSens are now sold in over hundreds of retail shops, clinics, drug stores, NGO, and other organizations. Over the last 10 years, in order to cope with the rapid growth of company business, BioScan introduced more related medical products of high quality like ‘BeneCheck’ (Fast and accurate self testing device for blood glucose, cholesterol, uric acid, triglycerides and haemoglobin), ‘Medlance’ (Disposable Safety Lancets), ‘Droplet’ (Pen Needles for insulin pen), ‘Microlife’ (Blood Pressure Monitors and Heating Pad) etc.



於2005-2008年,「CareSens」榮獲為香港醫院管理局血糖測試項目指定合約產品供應商,為香港醫院管理局核下之政府醫院供應血糖機及試紙,而時至今日,「CareSens」仍然為澳門山頂及鏡湖醫院主要合約供應商。其後,「CareSens」更獲香港三大連鎖店 –「萬寧」、「屈臣氏」及「健怡坊」”上架”發售,廣為大眾所認識。透過BioScan的本地銷售網絡,「CareSens」現時已於超過數百間零售商店、診所、藥房、非牟利慈善團體及其他機構有售。過去十年,為配合公司業務迅速發展,BioScan積極引入不同卓越的醫療品牌包括百捷「BeneCheck」監測儀 (多功能快速測試包括血糖、總膽固醇、尿酸、血脂、血紅素)、「Medlance」拋棄式採血針、「Droplet」胰島素針咀、「Microlife」血壓計及熱敷墊等等。

  Our Missions 我們的使命  


  • concerned health monitoring and prevention of diseases.

  • promoting affordable and high-quality products

  • finding balance between money and health, getting more health conscious people to enjoy better quality of life.


  • 高度提倡監測健康及預防疾病

  • 推動價廉物美、高品質產品概念

  • 以金錢及健康兩者中取得平衡點,讓更多著重健康之用家可以防患未然以及享有更優質生活。

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